About Us

Advance Innovation Group is one of the world’s leading Consulting and Training organization in the space of Lean Six Sigma, Project Management, ISO, ITIL, Scrum, Data Science etc.

By the virtue of being into this industry for more than a decade now and having trained and certified thousands of people, we understand that until and unless applied, practiced, and benefitted from, knowledge acquired is a waste.

Also, there is a huge discrepancy in what we acquire as a knowledge and what is expected from a role. At Advance Innovation Group, our experts understand this variation and hence we believe in Learning by Doing approach.

Having Consulted the industry giants, we understand where the gap is and what the organizations are expecting from an employee in terms of performance when he/she is hired. Hence, we have designed all our programs in such a way that instead of becoming the victim of Rote learning, people acquire practical and contemporary knowledge and skills that not only enrich and boosts the overall confidence of the person but also makes him a perfect fit for the position and role in the organization and helps him sustain the growth acquired.

But, this gets only 50% of the work done, since we touch base with greater than 50% of process excellence

and process governance fraternity, our alumni always keep us updated on the jobs and positions that are available in the industry, so that we can complete are remaining 50% of the work.

Having imparted the relevant and usable knowledge to our participants, we bring to them the most authentic, relevant, and stable jobs through our alumni network, through our job blog from all across the industry.

We are proud that we have been able to contribute to this industry and fraternity by getting the right people, placed at right positions at right time and the effort to identify, build and place the talent is still on.